FIRST AIRED: May 25, 2017

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>> Thousands fleeing Islamist militants in the Southern Philippines, Wednesday, where martial law is now in effect. Troops clash with insurgents from the so called Maute militants who have taken over large parts of the city of Marawi. Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the chaos and blood shed. Maute snipers, traps, and road blocks hamper in the military's efforts to retake the town.
Martial law is currently in effect only on the island of Mindanao, which includes Marawi City. But President Rodrigo Duterte is threatening to expand it to the entire country.>> If I think that you should die, you will die. If you fight us, you will die. If there is an open defiance, you will die.
And if it means many people dying, so be it.>> Fighting kicked of Tuesday after a botched army raid on the group's hideout. Then came a spiral of violence as militants captured Christians, torched buildings, and set dozens of prisoners free, many on them jailed rebels. The Catholic church says militants were using people, including a priest, as human shields, and had threatened to execute hostages unless troops left the city.
There have even been reports that a police chief was beheaded. The military has yet to explain how the apartment raid went to badly wrong. They say they're on top of the situation but fleeing residents told a different story saying Maute militants are in complete control of the city.