FIRST AIRED: April 3, 2017

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I appreciate how he's in such a unique position, and so trusted by the President. But there are people who could look at this situation and say the White House isn't meant to be run as a family business. There are institutions with experienced diplomats who have years, of decades of linguistic and experience on the ground.
Why is->> With respect to what?>> With whatever these issues are, the foreign policy issues in particular that you laid out.>> Can you just be clear though? Cuz you just said, with years of linguistic experience, so what situation are you specifically referring to?>> Well, that's partly why I was asking exactly what's in the portfolio.
Because it's our understanding that Mr. Kushner's involved with Mexico, that he's involved with Saudi Arabia, that he's involved with Canada, that he's involved with a number of different issues. China, in particular.>> I think that there has been, as he has made clear. Initially during the transition, he played a very key role in helping facilitate a lot of those.
But now that our State Department's up and running, he has started to push a lot of those. But there are obviously people that are going to continue->> He's pushing those to the State Department?>> Absolutely. But there's lot of relationships that Jared's made over time with different leaders.
Mexico being one of them you mentioned. That are going to continue to have conversations with him and help facilitate. That doesn't mean by any means that it's being done without coordination with the State Department. Quite in fact the opposite. He's continued to work with them and to facilitate an outcome.
But he brings a perspective to this and began doing that during the transition. But again, it's not a binary choice where it's he's doing this at the expense of somebody else.>> But he's a direct line to the president whereas the other institutions are not.>> Okay great.
That's even better. Then I think that's a win for our government