FIRST AIRED: April 4, 2017

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>> After Tesla's gangbuster car delivery sent its stock to an all time high Monday, CEO Elon Musk taking a swipe at the haters, specifically traders who were betting the car company's on a road to ruin. Musk tweeting quote, stormy weather in Shortville, an overt jab at short sellers.
Reuters correspondent Noel Randewich covers Tesla.>> Tesla's one of those stocks that a lot of people love, and a whole other group of people love to hate. On one side, you have people who are sure that Elon Musk's attempt to create an environmentally friendly car company that overtakes the big traditional car makers will succeed over the next couple of years.
And a whole other group of people are very skeptical about the high goals that he set for himself. On the weekend, Tesla announced its newest quarterly car delivery figures, which were higher than a lot of people expected. That set the stock to a new record high. Tesla now has a larger market capitalization than Ford, almost as large as General Motors.
That's giving him a lot of ammunition to go after the short sellers that a lot of whom are quite vocal on Twitter against him. And it's really giving a lot of footing to people in the go Tesla camp.>> According to one financial analytics firm, so far this year, Tesla short sellers have taken it on the chin, suffering paper losses that totaled $2.25 billion.
In the past, Tesla has missed car production targets. But its newest figures eased fears of setbacks, ahead of the anxiously awaited launch of its Model 3 sedan later this year.