FIRST AIRED: April 6, 2017

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>> Anyone who's been following American politics knows that Donald Trump is a polarizing figure. But how polarizing is he? I'm Chris Khan Reuters polling editor. And this has been an issue for us for quite sometime. All the way back to the beginning of the 2016 campaign. Any time we ask a question about building a border wall.
>> We have no idea who's coming into our country.>> Or banning Muslims. Or many of these other high profile, very controversial issues for Donald Trump. We asked the question on our polling and quite often we would just see a response that really lined up with his popularity with the public.
So over the past several weeks, we've been Trying to find a way of measuring how people feel. And both about an issue and then when Donald Trump enters that issue, how that feeling changes. We're calling it the Trump Effect. One of the questions we asked was about conflicts of interest.
We asked the groups, which was more closer to your opinion. Would you be okay with a government official as long as they put the country first? Is okay if they financially benefit from their position? Or do you think the government official should be forbidden from financially benefiting from their position?
And we asked that of one group. And then the other group we took out government official and we inserted Donald Trump. And we found that, especially among Republicans. Republicans pretty much a majority of them when they were asked about a random government official. Felt that government officials should be forbidden from benefiting financially.
Then when we asked about Donald Trump their position flipped completely. And almost double the number of Republicans felt that Donald Trump should be able to benefit financially as long as he puts the country first. So you see the exception happening there in the poll. And I'll say that happens pretty much on both sides of the political spectrum.
We saw Democrats do the exact same thing. For example, when it comes to government run healthcare. Government run healthcare is really something that a lot of Democrats, majority of Democrats really support. Now, remember that Donald Trump at one point in the campaign, said he thought hat the government should provide healthcare.
And government should pay for it, for everybody. So when we ask people, do you agree with this statement? When Donald Trump's name wasn't part of it, Democrats were really supportive of it. When we included Donald Trump in the question, Democrats really pulled away and they're much, much less supportive.