FIRST AIRED: April 6, 2017

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>> The US government signaling its strongest language yet that it could take direct action in Syria in response to a poison gas attack. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Thursday leveling blame on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, and hinting at possible intervention.>> We are considering an appropriate response for this chemical weapons attack.
It's a serious matter. It requires a serious response.>> The attack reported on Tuesday condemned a day later by President Donald Trump, who is now said to be considering his options. Reuters National Security Editor, David Rohde.>> I was told on Wednesday by one member of Congress that President Trump reached out to him.
He said he was considering actually taking military action in Syria in response to this chemical weapons attack. And he said he, Trump said he was gonna talk to Defense Secretary Mattis about possible options. There's been no decision yet. One phone call doesn't mean anything, but the President is at least conveying that message.
>> These images shows the aftermath of a chemical weapon attack on the Syrian town of
Witnesses to the attack, describing a white fog descending and enveloping men, women, and children, who began to suffocate, and foam at the mouth. Damascus, denying responsibility. Former President, Barack Obama, had suggested that the use of chemical weapons was a so-called red line.
But after reports of a poison gas attack on a Damascus suburb in 2013, Obama sought a resolution from Congress, approving support for armed intervention. Republicans in the House of Representatives balked. American airstrikes in Syria have so far been limited to targeting ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters. But this week's alleged gas attack could put the Syrian government in the President's crosshairs.
>> He's talked about the need to show that he's willing to use military force and one thing he could do is, small amount of strikes maybe on Syrian airfields. As to say that there will be a punishment for the use of chemical weapons.>> President Trump on Air Force One Thursday saying quote, something should happen to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
>> So, something should happen. Thanks, folks. I'll see you in a little while.