FIRST AIRED: March 28, 2017

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>> Doing big things is hard.>> On Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said his Obamacare overhaul was dead.>> We're gonna be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.>> This week he's singing a different tune.>> We're going to get this right.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington where Ryan is reversing himself just days after one of the biggest legislative collapses in recent memory.
The complete failure of his plan that would've repealed and replaced President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. Ryan now back to his usual upbeat self, saying Republicans will try again to get a healthcare plan through Congress.>> If Obamacare just stays as is, that's not acceptable for the American people.
>> Ryan saying this time, the GOP will take its time. And pledging to get various factions on board before moving forward, rather than crafting a plan behind closed doors, and telling his Republicans to take it or leave it. That means he'll have to work more closely with the hard-right Freedom Caucus, as well as moderates on the other end of the party.
Both groups rejecting last week's bill, but for opposite reasons, forcing Ryan to pull the bill in dramatic fashion on Friday. Getting them both on board this time is sure to be a challenge. One area that experts say could offer room for further negotiation is the current law's requirement that insurers cover a long list of essential benefits.
Mental health, rehab, maternity, a total of 10 categories of care in all. Conservatives want to offer stripped down insurance plans that don't have these benefits. That's a big reason the GOP effort fell apart last week when moderates couldn't go along. But they could revisit that list in the weeks ahead for horse trading on a potential deal.
>> Left unclear is how Ryan's Republicans will be able to bring healthcare back from the dead while also trying to revise the tax code and deal with the budget. Will they be taking on too much? Ryan is calculating that it's worse not to take action, as Trump has threatened to bypass his party and work with Democrats on healthcare.
>> They've had a hard time,