FIRST AIRED: March 28, 2017

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>> Britain's divorce from the European Union officially begins on Wednesday, but the prenup is messy. Here's three ways Brexit will transform the UK and EU forever.
e EU budget only accounts for 2% of members state spending. But, in less wealthy states that take more than they give such as Poland and Bulgaria, it's had an outsized effect.
Britain will take with it about 16% of the money that would be going to them. Reuters, Allison McDonald is in Brussels, the heart of EU politics.>> Budgets are gonna be reviewed as it happens, around the time of Britain leaving. That's gonna be a big fight between east and west, between rich and poor.
The rich states do not wanna fill Britain's gap and pay in more. The poorer eastern countries are concerned that they should not take a budget hit from Brexit.
In the EU's Parliament, Britain was one of several states that pushed hard for free trade, conservative spending, and checks on EU authority.
With that ally gone, it tips power toward Germany and France, which want to boost federal control. Britain was also a champion for smaller eastern countries in the union, fearing now they've lost the UK's muscle against other rich states. Friends left in the lurch. Britain's also has another curious effect.
Its bureaucrats were more laid-back.>> The French have a very specific way of going about administration. This is a state with a very clear, rational, rather top-down approach. Britain to its critics can often seem rather more chaotic. It's rather more of a patchwork. There is a degree of pragmatism.
Let's just legislate where we have to, nothing else that doesn't need to be can be left to one side.>> Britain also ironically leaving behind English as the working language. Without them, there may be more French in the EU's future.