FIRST AIRED: April 3, 2017

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>> With Senate Democrats threatening to filibuster the vote on President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee.>> My vote will be no, and I urge my colleagues to do the same.>> Republicans could go nuclear to get Judge Neil Gorsuch on the bench. But what does going nuclear mean?
Currently, Supreme Court nominations must get past a 60 vote super majority. If Republicans change the rules, nominees would only need a simple majority, typically 51 votes, to cut off debate and go ahead with a vote. Reuters correspondent, Lawrence Hurley.>> The thing with the Democrats is they basically don't have a winning hand here because whatever happens Gorsuch is gonna get confirmed.
The issue is how difficult they make it for the Republicans. How much they can put off Trump having a big win. In the future, though, if the Democrats force this fight over the nuclear option, and it means the next time Trump gets a Supreme Court nominee, this fight wouldn't happen.
It would just be do Republicans have 51 votes? If they do, that nominee's on the court.>> Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer contends that Gorsuch, who would take over the late conservative Antonin Scalia's place did not show he could be independent from Trump during confirmation hearings. Schumer also claims, millions of dollars in undisclosed special interest donations have been used to back Gorsuch nomination but Republicans are brushing those claims aside.
>> It's quite clear, that if he isn't qualified, then nobody is.>> And are confident, he'll get confirmed.>> The judiciary committee that was hearing his confirmation hearing is to approve the nomination which expected on a party line vote. Then the nomination moves to the Senate floor, and then over the next few days this kind of fight will play out.
And then the Republicans are hoping that there will be a final vote on Friday, April the 7th.>> Already some Democrats have moved over to camp Gorsuch. Senators Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp say they will be supporting his confirmation, bringing Republicans closer to avoiding a nasty fight on the Senate floor this week.