FIRST AIRED: April 5, 2017

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>> Emergency talks at the UN on a suspected gas attack in Syria and a likely vote Wednesday on a resolution to condemn it. Britain, France, and the United States blaming Bashar al-Assad's forces for an attack that killed scores of people Tuesday, including children.>> What we have understood, it was a chemical attack.
>> UN Syrian mediator Staffan de Mistura saying the horrific chemical attack had come from the air. A draft resolution demanding that Damascus provide flight logs and access to air bases to international investigators. Russia's Defense Ministry saying the poison gas leaked from a rebel weapons depot after it was hit by air strikes.
How Moscow votes at the UN will be crucial, it's on the security council and a close military ally of Assad, fighting along side his army in Syria's war.>>
> The confirmed it was a gas attack in A rebel stronghold in Northern Syria, it would be the deadliest since 2013.
Back then, therian gas kills hundreds of civilians includes near Damascus. Western states blaming Aflas government. The Syrian military denies ever using chemical weapons. But on Tuesday, the evidence of gas was plain to see. They monitors medics and rescue workers. It's unverified footage showing people foaming at the mouth gasping to breath.
Rescue workers try to resuscitate victims, pulling their clothes away and hosing them down to get the chemicals off them. A Reuters photographer was there. Some of his photographs were too disturbing to show. Rows of bodies, dead children, latest victims of a war that has raged for six years.