FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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we like to do that thing that I've learned more than anything else is how smart the public use front runner Donald Trump rogue did for the White House has shaken up the Republican Party that Reuters polling showed his abrasive style is luring many first time voters to the GOP and like everything else about him trump's new voters don't let the mold Reuters pulling editor Chris con I won't when you're coming up first time voters in general you're talking about people who attended the %HESITATION different franchise politically there are folks who tend to be women they tend to be minorities economy Democrat , they're much whiter than the typical of voter they tend to have lower levels of education , lower level of income and they tend to be a little bit older wikis voters trump dominate the field put in twenty seven percent warping the numbers that even senator Ted Cruz his closest rival and they loved trump for exactly the controversial rhetoric making the GOP establishment crazy because the illegal immigrants , I treated better than objects we've after number questions about do you find what trump does about the Muslims or women or immigrants as offensive and you know for the most part they really don't they like someone like like that that they feel it's a truth teller someone who discontinuity it it it's really working with a lot of these folks trump also making inroads with those other first time voters the very young trump argued he can greatly expand the Republican Party with the voters and win in November athlete out with the big test will be whether the one showing up in droves that Israelis will turn out to vote in the primary just weeks away dnmt