FIRST AIRED: September 20, 2017

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>> A desperate search for dozens of children and adults Wednesday feared buried in the rubble of a Mexico City school following a massive earthquake. The bodies of over 20 children and 2 adults have already been recovered. Their among some 200 others killed across the country after a 7.1 magnitude quake struck Tuesday, tearing down buildings, sparking fires, and crushing cars under falling debris.
Reuters corresponded Micheal O'Boyle is near the collapsed school in Mexico City.>> There are dozens of buildings that have collapsed, rescue workers have worked over night trying to dig survivors out of the rubble. There's a mass effort to organize aid, to get food and water to people who have been affected.
I've spoken to rescue workers who said there was a lot of attention immediately given to some of the wealthier neighborhoods in the heart of Mexico City. And right now they're still trying to figure out if there are other places in the poor South that were affected and may not have gotten the aid that they need.
>> With power out across much of Mexico City overnight, much of the rescue work was carried out with flashlights and generators. Doctors are positioned near the school to quickly treat victims, but say the rescue operation is complicated.>> The building is falling apart. It's moving about four centimeters every two hours.
>> It's sinking more, it's falling down.>> It's going to the left.>> On Wednesday morning, rescue workers said text messages were sent within the rubble, giving hope to parents that their children might still be alive. Tuesday's earthquake a painful reminder of another major earthquake that took place 32 years ago to the day, and killed thousands of people.