FIRST AIRED: October 2, 2017

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>> Mexico still sifting through devastation caused by last week's massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Among the hundreds killed across the country, at least 19 children and 6 adults at what was once a private school, south of Mexico City. A Reuters review revealing that the school was unprepared for the earthquake, despite strict building codes implemented in the wake of the even more deadly 1985 tremor.
Reuters correspondent Michael Scott O'Boyle is there.>> I'm standing outside the. We spoke with an engineer who worked through the night. He showed up as a volunteer, helped clean up at five in the morning, after he pulled bodies from this wreckage, he sat down, drew up a schematic plan.
We shared those plans with forensic engineers. The columns did not have enough steel, they did not have enough vertical rebar or horizontal rebar around them. And there was no sheer wall going directly down into the foundation.>> Two structural engineers telling Reuters that for a building built after the '85 quake, it did not appear to comply with the tougher building codes.
Local government records show, private inspectors checked the school after another earthquake earlier this month. Prosecutors opened an investigation in February over falsification claims of a zoning document filed by the school. That probe could pave the way for criminal charges against the school's owners or the private inspectors for the collapse.
The school's owners are believed to have survived the earthquake but could not be reached for comment.