FIRST AIRED: October 2, 2017

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>> Excessive regulation is killing jobs.>> Donald Trump campaigned on a plan to roll back federal regulations and as president, he's keeping that promise. Launching the biggest rule-cutting push in a generation, under an order that cuts two existing regulations for every new one proposed. Reporter Julia Harte is on the story.
>> This was an executive order in January that required all agencies in the executive branch to offset the costs of any new regulation with two deregulatory measures. These could be delaying the compliance dates on rules. It could be undoing rules that had already been in place. It could just be modifying rules to relieve some of the burden on companies.
>> Reuters found agencies have proposed or finalized 25 deregulatory measures under the two-for-one rule so far, with more to come. The White House arguing there's too much red tape, and they must make it easier for companies to do their business. But the effects go way beyond paperwork.>> One of the rules that the administration has proposed rolling back under the two-for-one requirement is a set of programs meant to protect workers in construction zones and shipyards from exposure to an industrial metal called beryllium.
It's a known carcinogen, and when the dust flies into people's systems it can cause lung diseases and even cancer.>> Harte says other administrations have tried to reign in federal rules, but never on this scale.>> Industry groups have also been citing the two-for-one requirement as a reason to block a rule that would have changed the Clean Air Act to require chemical plants to share more information with local emergency responders when there is a chemical plant accident.
The way that environmental laws are being impacted, worker safety, there's just an all across the board effort like they've never seen.>> Industry groups say many of the measures created unnecessary burdens, but critics of the plants said that instead of reducing red tape, the two-for-one push may be creating even more.
>> Requiring agencies to issue two deregulations for every new regulation could actually just end up tripling the time that it takes for any new regulation to proceed, as well as requiring existing rules to be stripped away.>> The full impact of the two-for-one requirement will begin to emerge in November when the White House is expected to publish a full list of its actions to cut back on federal rules.