FIRST AIRED: October 18, 2017

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>> Twitter, looking to restore its image after being battered in the court of public opinion by a hashtag #boycotttwitter campaign, issuing tighter guidelines around online sexual harassment and abuse. And it's not just 140 characters that will be scrutinized. According to the guidelines sent out in an internal memo, and seen by Reuters Wednesday, users who post non-consensual nudity, now expanded to include things like hidden camera images, so called upskirt photos and videos, as well as, quote, creep shots, will be immediately and permanently banned from the site.
Reuter's Social Media Correspondent, Angela Moon says Twitter is responding quickly to recent outrage.>> This is the first time that I've seen sort of consecutive hashtags related to sexual abuse trending for weeks long time. And I guess that's really putting pressure on Twitter. They've always implemented the rule that what people post on Twitter should be freedom of speech.
And it had a very lenient rule, but they're sort of moving away from that.>> As part of the changes to be implemented in the weeks ahead, any user can now flag sexual harassment of another user. That's a different policy from before, when only the person being harassed could petition Twitter for action against the harasser.
But the response on social media, so far, has not been positive.>> A lot of people are saying that Facebook and Google, especially now, they're faced with a bigger, sort of, scrutiny of online harassment, in general, right? And really, Twitter is one of the last ones to come in, to introduce these kind of guidelines.
So some are criticizing them for being kind of late in their action. And some are also criticizing that it's not enough.>> Twitter, already facing anemic subscriber growth, hoping the changes will at least take some heat off after it angered women's rights groups by temporarily suspending the account of actress Rose McGowan in the midst of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal.
Twitter also plans to strengthen guidelines when it comes to other forms of cyber bullying.