FIRST AIRED: October 16, 2017

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He's already the President of China, the Chairman of the Central Military Commission and the General Secretary of the Communist Party, but Xi Jinping may soon have yet another big title, party chairman, putting him on par with Mao Tse-Tung. Sources with ties to the leadership say Xi could be named chairman at Beijing's five yearly communists party congress starting this week.
None of China's recent leaders have been given the title. Reuter's Ben Blanchard says, it could mean the return of the strong man leader.>> You have to remember in China that although he is the president, that in China, the party positions always trump national positions. So whoever is head of the party is always going to be more important than the person, or more senior, than the person who is actually president.
So were Xi Jinping to get the title of chairman of the party, it could mean, it would mean in fact, that Xi Jinping would be able to stay on in power much longer than past 2022, which presidence would suggest as when he steps down after two terms in office.
So if he gets this title, it means essentially that he could be running China for the rest of his life.>> Xi has risen to power with the help of his image a man of the people and his massive war on corruption which has punished more than a million people, sending dozens of senior leaders to jail including potential rivals.
>> When Xi Jinping took office in late 2012 first he was head of the party then the following year as president he was seen as somebody who wasn't terribly exciting, wasn't necessarily going to rock the boat but Xi Jinping has actually surprised everybody over the last five years by how fast and how effectively he has consolidated power.
>> Analysts say he'll be even more powerful when he emerges from the party congress. He's likely to see some of his closest allies promoted leaving him increasingly surrounded by people who will do what he wants without a challenge.>>