FIRST AIRED: October 2, 2017

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>> One of Uber's top executives is resigning as the company struggles to stay on the streets in London, its most important European base. The departure coming with less than two weeks left to appeal a decision to strip the app of its taxi license. Reuters UK correspondent, Costas Pitas.
>> So, according to an email sent to staff at Uber, that I've seen, the boss in the UK, Jo Bertram, who is also the head of Uber in Northern Europe, is quitting. Now, she says that she's been there for four years, she's got a new role to go to, which is undisclosed.
The timing of seeing the emails the day before the global CEO comes is interesting.>> Uber's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is flying in from California to meet with city regulators at Transport For London, or TFL. The loss of license just one of multiple ongoing legal challenges facing the company in Britain.
And London's mayor is backing Uber's forced removal.>> Last week the global CEO, who's been in the role for less than a month, wrote an open letter to Londoners saying I want to meet and I'm sorry. And Sadiq Khan's response was very clear, it would be good to meet him.
So he was very clear, Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, that it's about getting the global CEO. Khan has also been critical of the UK management. He said they need to spend less time hiring PRs, less time hiring lawyers and more time dealing with the TFL issues.>> Other global cities have put Uber under similar threats.
It's already backed out of several regions. Bertram's resignation, reported the same day as taxi drivers upset with Uber brought Prague's airport to a standstill. But London is critical. Reuters estimates it may be responsible for half of Uber's net sales in Europe. If it loses its cash cow, then Uber's entire European operation could be at risk.