FIRST AIRED: September 30, 2017

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>> The most high-stakes guessing game currently going on in Washington got a little more interesting Friday. That's because President Trump said this.>> I had four meetings for Fed chairman, and I'll be making a decision over the next two or three weeks.>> That's big news when you're talking about who will run the US Federal Reserve, the world's most powerful central bank.
Some Fed watchers pontificating that Trump's four meetings mean it's less likely that current Chair Janet Yellen will be renominated. Even though President Trump has more glowing things to say about her than he did back when he was merely candidate Trump. But Reuters Fed correspondent Ann Safir says don't count Yellen out yet.
>> I don't think we can rule out Yellen. The last time we asked her about it, just a week ago, she said that she didn't wanna talk any more about it. She had only met Trump once at that point. But many people in markets would prefer to have a steady hand run the Fed, and that would be Janet Yellen.
>> But she's far from a lock to stay on. Sources say former Fed Governor Kevin Warsh met with Trump earlier this week. And according to The Wall Street Journal. Warsh's father-in-law, businessman Ron Lauder of Estée Lauder fame, has been lobbying the White House for the job for his son-in-law.
>> For the markets, Warsh is a bit of a gamble.>> Warsh wants to change the Fed. He wants to, what he says, bring fresh air to the Fed in terms of the real economy. In terms of the markets which he's been dealing with for years.
He has previously said that he thinks that low inflation isn't really much of a problem, whereas for the Fed now, it is. So we'd expect potentially higher rates under him.>> One other name surfacing late in the day, Fed Governor Jay Powell also reportedly interviewed for the job.
Yellen's term as Fed chief ends in February.