FIRST AIRED: November 2, 2017

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>> Apple's newest iPhone, harvesting data about your face. I'm Stephen Nellis with Reuters News here in San Francisco. When Apple's new iPhone 10 comes out in November 3rd, it's gonna have a new camera on the front that's going to be able to capture a 3D image of your face.
A lot has been made about the ability of the phone to use that image to unlock the phone, or to unlock apps. Now privacy experts say that system is actually very secure and doesn't make them any more worried than the old fingerprint system that's been on iPhones for a while now.
But there's a separate system that app developers like Snap or gaming companies can use to capture that 3D image of your face and use it to do things like make an emoji talk or put your face on a video game character. That data will actually be accessible to app developers who will be able to store that map interface, and take it off the phone, and store it somewhere else, with your permission of course.
Now Apple says that it has very strict rules that app developers are not supposed to use this data for advertising or marketing purposes. But privacy experts are worried that once it leaves the iPhone it'll be very difficult for Apple to enforce that policy. Now overall, privacy experts are very satisfied with the approach that Apple has taken, but they also worry that if other phone makers start to put cameras like this on their phones, they may not have as a robust a privacy policy.
And privacy experts worry that one day, we could have a massive hack where a bunch of 3D facial data, a detailed map of your face, is stolen and gets into the hands of hackers.