FIRST AIRED: June 23, 2016

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>> Russia is likely to deploy missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to Kaliningrad within four years. That's according to sources close to the country's military. Having the weapons in the European exclave would bring much of the Baltics and Poland within range. Reuter's Andrea Andrea Osborne in Moscow explains.
>> If Russia does go ahead and put this missiles in Kaliningrad and possibly even in Crimea, it will clearly fuel what is already the worst east west stand off since the cold war. The subtext of any such move is clear it would be a signal that far from trying to become reconcile, trying to bury their differences That actually attention is ratcheting up.
That the kind of levels of confrontation are ratcheting up and that relations between NATO and Russia are actually going backwards, not forwards.>> Russia would make the move in response to the US backed missile shield set up in Romania. US military officials say the shields aimed at shooting down missiles from rogue states.
But Russia simply doesn't buy that. It believes that it's aimed at blunting it's own nuclear capabilities. Regardless, Russian and western experts say this gives the Kremlin the political cover it needs to justify something it was planning all along.>> In this context Kaliningrad is of great importance, it is strategically located.
It's Russia's most westerly slice of territory, it's wedged between Poland and Lithuania, it's where Russia has its Baltic fleet based and it's a slice of territory that is already very heavily militarized and of course it is right on the doorstep of the European Union.>> Nato is holding a summit in Warsaw in July to decide how best to deter Russia It’s considering putting four battalions in the Baltic states and in Poland.
The Kremlin so far is keeping quiet.