FIRST AIRED: June 7, 2016

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>> The Cincinnati Zoo's Gorilla World Exhibit reopening Tuesday, ten days after a silverback gorilla was shot and killed to protect a little boy who had fallen into the enclosure.>> And of course today is a big day, Cincinnati's ready to see gorillas again. We did put in a new barrier, we've also put in three surveillance cameras.
The exhibit we had was safe. It was safe for 38 years, but nonetheless, we felt a new bigger barrier helps reassure our visitors and guests.>> Some of the changes, a brand new fence at the main viewing area, 42 inches high with knotted rope netting. The new barrier was installed to avoid any future mishaps like the one on Saturday, May 28th, when a three year old boy wiggled into the gorilla exhibit, falling about 15 feet into a moat where he was grabbed by Harambe, a 17 year old gorilla.
Zoo officials shot and killed the 450 pound beloved gorilla to keep the boy safe, sparking outrage over his death and anger at the family and zoo authorities.>> Losing Harambe is just like losing a family member, but of course, it's time to move on, and to see gorillas again here.
>> On Monday, the Hamilton County prosecutor ruled out criminal charges against the boy's mother, saying she did nothing wrong and it's easy to momentarily lose track of a 3-year-old.