FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the thanksgiving table may be in danger of losing its centerpiece this year , but the worst avian flu outbreak in u. s. history already wiping out at least twenty one million birds and no end in sight , farmers are worried about raising enough turkeys to meet the holiday season demand , well your p. j. have stutter is covering the story , it may seem like thanksgiving is a long ways away but actually it's not a lot of time when you consider how long it takes to be able to raise a bird from checks you full wait for the turkey meal , and also how long you can take for some of these barns to be cleaned and sanitized and therefore hot checks put back in them , that entire process takes about seven months and if the breeder farm supplying the chicks is also infected that just slows things down even more , this used to print that she's strain of bird flu has already spread to fourteen states including minnesota which raises nearly twenty percent of the countries turkey , and so far seen more than three million of them you cannot , suppliers are planning ahead for when americans will buy about forty six million turkeys for their thanksgiving feast , there's quite a bit of product that's already in cold storage meaning they got stockpiles that many analysts think maybe able to cover the gap that we're seeing right now in production there's also the ability for some of the poultry processors to be able to redirect some of the birds that normally would be going into other markets such as deli meat or sausage into the thanksgiving supply chain , in the meantime farmers have been limiting visits nearby farms and keeping staff away from wild birds in an attempt to keep the virus from spreading further , so far the flu has mostly infected chickens and poses no risk to human