FIRST AIRED: December 13, 2016

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>> After years of fighting and months of intense bombardment. Rebel forces in a bloody retreat Tuesday. Agreeing to withdraw from Aleppo as part of a ceasefire deal. The battle for the city one of the worst of the civil war. Ending with victory for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. And his military coalition of Russia, Iran, and regional Shiite militias.
It's a crushing defeat for insurgents. Which wanted to oust Assad in a revolt that began five years ago in the Arab Uprisings. Word of the ceasefire deal came as the UN reported brutal executions by pro-government forces. Saying it had reliable evidence that in four areas of the city.
At least 82 civilians have been slaughtered in the streets.>> We are coming from. The armed men refused to let us go and they fired at us.>> The UN describing the final bloody moments of the crisis as, quote, a complete meltdown of humanity. With videos showing thousands of civilians fleeing east Aleppo Tuesday in bitter weather.
Leaving behind a wasteland of concrete rubble and bullet riddled walls. Under the truce, insurgents and civilians have been promised safe passage. But earlier on Tuesday Reuters spoke to Ismail al-Abdullah. A volunteer with the Syrian Civil Defense. Allso known as the White Helmets. Al-Abdullah said he was trapped in the Almased neighborhood.
Where residents are still terrified of being massacred.>> The people who fled from those districts were captured by Assad's forces. Just staying, hiding in their houses. Without clothes, without food, without anything. They have nothing to do, just to stay.>> The war is far from over. With insurgents retaining their rural stronghold to the southwest of Aleppo.
And ISIS fighters holding parts of the east, and recapturing Palmyra this week.