FIRST AIRED: July 9, 2018

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>> President Donald Trump has made his choice to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court and is said to announce the name in Prime Time on Monday night. No word yet on exactly who has emerged as the final pick. Supreme Court reporter Lawrence Hurley.>> So Reuters has reported that the two top contenders, at least end of last week were Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the Appeals Court in Washington and Judge Raymond Kethledge who's a judge on an Appeals Court based in Ohio.
>> Both are in the early 50's, meaning that like Trump's previous pick, Neil Gorsuch, they could serve on the court for decades. Trump has shown a willingness to please his conservative base when it comes to Supreme Court nominees.>> And they've got to be careful not to have someone who's too conservative or seen as too much as activist, but also someone who's not seen as being conservative enough.
>> Kavanaugh worked in the George W Bush administration before Bush picked him for the Washington DC Appeals Court in 2003.>> In 2009 he wrote an article where he said that the courts shouldn't address any legal issues about the presidency until after the president has left office. President Trump might like the idea that Judge Kavanaugh thinks that a sitting president should not be investigated.
>> Kethledge was also appointed by Bush and confirmed in 2008. One of his notable rulings was in favor of a Tea Party group that sued the IRS over alleged mistreatment during the Obama administration. There is a third possible choice. Amy Coney Barrett who was appointed by Trump to a Chicago based Appeals Court.
Barrett looks the most likely to vote to overturn the landmark Rowe vs Wade decision legalizing abortion, having publicly said she believes life begins at conception. Trump's pick will only require a simple majority to get through the Senate.>> Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader in the Senate wants to get this nomination signed and delivered sooner rather than later so that the judge can be on the Supreme Court by October when the new term starts.
And also before the mid-term election in November.>> The big concern will be not alienating moderate Republicans like Susan Collins of Maine.