FIRST AIRED: July 16, 2018

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>> The EU says China could open up its economy, if it really wanted to. European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, made the comments on Monday from Beijing, during and annual leadership meet between the EU and China. A meter rapidly escalating trade conflict between China and the US, European Council President, Donald Tusk, used the opportunity to tell China and the world, it's time to take their role in global order seriously.
>> It is a common duty of Europe and China, America and Russia. Not to destroy this order, but to improve it.>> This year, as the trade wars ramped up, China's tried to fight the perception its own trade, and industry practices are the problem. Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, said on Monday, it's looking for what it calls more balanced trade with the EU.
Beijing's also recently approved huge investments, such as a $10 billion petrochemical project from Germany's BASF. And as Reuters' Michael Martina reports, they're just the latest overtures from China to Europe.>> China's ambassador to the EU said in Chinese state media yesterday, that the two side, Europe and China, should stand together as a standard of stability in the face of unilateralism and protectionism.
He didn't say United States, but the message was pretty clear.>> Earlier this month, a Reuters report revealed China had been putting pressure on the EU, to form an anti-US alliance on trade. But at that point, EU sources told Reuters the bloc had rejected China's proposals.>> The reality is, that Europe also has the same concerns as the United States when it comes to Chinese industrial policies, and Chinese trade, what they see as trade abuses.
And, though China wants Europe to stand with it against the United States, so far, European officials have largely rebuffed any attempt to, come out with a forceful statement.>> On Monday, China said it had filed a report to the WTO, about Washington's proposed tariff list on about $200 billion worth of Chinese goods.