FIRST AIRED: July 6, 2018

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>> A diver has died while trying to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand. The former Thai navy seal died after falling unconscious during part of the rescue operation on Thursday night. The Tham Luang cave is in remote Northern Thailand, and the team is trapped around four kilometers underground, just past an area of the cave named Pattaya Beach.
They've been stuck down there since going missing on June 23. Reuters penner Wong Chao, reports from outside the cave entrance.>> The Thai navy seal unit has been operating overnight, to sort of make preparation for the extraction of the boys. And clearly, the water way is the cave, the temperature, all this factor in that lead to the death of, unfortunately, one of the former navy sea divers at around 1 AM, local time.
It really clearly shows that this cave is quite dangerous, even for experienced professionals. And the death has really dampened the morale of many of our rescuers.>> Rescuers have waived whether to teach the boys how to dive and swim out. Some underwater parts of the cave are so narrow, the boys would have to swim alone through long passages.
But they've also been trying to find alternative ways of getting them to the surface. One of those could involve entering the cave from the top. They're sending army units on top of the mountain and trying to find where exactly on the ground the location of the children. So that they may try to find different ways in through a natural shaft.
And they're also drilling some holes on the mountaintop.>> The boys' families, who've waited by the cave for nearly two weeks, said they were grateful for rescue efforts, but are still worried for their sons. And with heavy monsoon rains predicted next week, time may not be on the rescuers side.