FIRST AIRED: July 16, 2018

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>> Shares of Tesla took a dive on Monday following a controversial tweet from CEO Elon Musk that claimed one of the divers who helped with the rescue of 12 boys in a flooded Thai cave was a pedo.>> This is a difficult thing.>> British rescuer Vern Unsworth said he is now considering legal action against Musk.
Saying I believe he's called me a pedophile. The tweet comes after Musk delivered a small submarine to assist with the rescue efforts in Thailand, which Unsworth said, quote, had absolutely no chance of working. Musk vowed to prove him wrong, and doubled down on the pedo claim, saying, Bet ya a signed dollar it's true.
That tweet has also been deleted. Unsworth who is based in Thailand provided knowledge of the cave system which helped with the rescue last week of all 12 school boys and their soccer coach. When reporters asked if he'll take legal action against Musk, Unsworth replied yes, it's not finished.
>> You know I've done a few things.>> The Tesla CEO has a history of making controversial and combative remarks. It's not even the first time he's called someone a pedophile on Twitter either. The attacks are often directed at journalists. On a Tesla conference call in May, Musk called some analysts' questions about Tesla stupid and boring.
Shares of the electric car company fell after that incident, raising concerns among investors in the multiple companies he leads.