FIRST AIRED: July 11, 2018

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As wannabe rap star Ali G or vulgar journalist Borat from Kazakhstan, Sacha Baron Cohen is the undercover agent of comedians, goading his subjects into conversations that careen from goofy, to gross, to, my god, did he really just say that.
So it's no surprise his latest project, the Showtime series, Who is America premiering Sunday, is already getting political types worked up into a lather. Sarah Palin posting a diatribe on Facebook claiming she was duped into appearing after being invited to speak with a war vet who was actually Baron Cohen in disguise.
Palin calling his humor evil, exploitive and sick. Former Illinois Congressman turned radio host, Joe Walsh, tweeting he too was roped in under false pretenses, calling on viewers to boycott Showtime. One very public person we haven't heard from, US President Donald Trump. Or have we? Baron Cohen posting a video appearing to show Trump blasting the comedian.
>> I only wish that you would have been punched in the face so many times.>> The President saying Baron Cohen should go to school to, quote, learn about being funny, which he presumably does at Trump University. Trump and Baron Cohen have tussled in the past. Trump sat for an Ali G interview in 2003, bolting after the faux rapper tried to get him to invest in special gloves for eating ice cream.
>> Is you in, or is you in?>> Okay, well it sounds like a good idea, and I hope you make a lot of money. Good luck, folks, it's been nice seeing you. You take care of yourself, okay?>> Baron Cohen also mockingly endorsed Trump during a 2016 press event for his film, The Brothers Grimsby, the comedian appearing in character as the films dimwitted lead.
Whether Trump appears in Who is America is unclear, but a former Vice President apparently does. Baron Cohen posting another clip in which Dick Cheney appears to sign a prisoner's waterboard kit.>> And I hope you'll tune in next week for an interview with me.>> We have no idea whether Cheney is playing that straight or not.