FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off a landmark nuclear deal with iran finally in hand but a new battle looming ahead getting it passed republicans in congress who are dead set on killing it will do everything we can to stop , the deal lips top sanctions on iran while blocking its path to a nuclear bomb you're gonna tore body is following the story for reuters so republicans are zeroing in on two aspects of the deal that they particularly don't like , on the first is that at the terms of the deal as they read it so far don't allow for the anytime anywhere inspections that they believe is necessary to ensure that iran doesn't develop a nuclear weapon they need a worse deal than even we had feared another aspect is according to the terms of the deal in five years a u. n. arms embargo will be lifted and they're really deep concerns that iran will be able to buy and sell weapons freely and more easily supply weapons the conflicts for example in syria congress is under fierce lobbying pressure from arounds bitter enemy israel what a stunning , congress has sixty days to pick through the hundred and fifty page agreement for flaws present obama has said that he will veto %HESITATION any %HESITATION congressional rejection , of the of the steel but with enough votes congress could override it video delivers big on obama's two thousand eight pledge to engage with iran but he'll only get the credit if the deal can survive the heat in congress