FIRST AIRED: April 4, 2018

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>> Little Marco. Lying Ted! She's crooked Hillary, don't you understand that?>> Belittling rivals with derogatory nicknames. A shroud tactic in Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, that maybe poised for a come back in November's midterm elections. The first clues coming in two recent special elections with Trump labeling, Pennsylvania Democrat, Conor Lamb, Lamb the sham and Alabama's Doug Jones, Liberal Puppet Jones.
Reuters' correspondent, Jim Oliphant.>> It's what one expert calls priming. You prime the brains of your consumers and you get them to associate images with Trump's words, whether it's mocking Elizabeth Warren for her Native American heritage.>> Pocahontas, it's Pocahontas!>> Or calling Bernie Sander's a crazy person.
>> And crazy Bernie has gone crazy right now, okay.>> Trump, experts told me has a rather unique ability to sort of boil down things, to their very essence. And saying things that other people just aren't comfortable saying.>> But unlike Trump's Presidential rivals, Lamb and Jones won their races, leading some to wonder whether Trump's name calling has lost some of its bite.
>> There's a limit to Trump's ability to brand his opponents. And a lot of it is caught up with his own unpopularity right now.>> But that doesn't mean Democrats should drop their guards. Just ask another of Trump's presidential rivals, Jeb Bush. After Trump branded him as Low energy Jeb Bush.
>> This poor guy with this low energy.>> A Reuters Ipsos poll found that more than one third of Republican voters, believed Bush was truly a low energy person.>> Low energy, very low energy.>> While it can be an effective tool, Democratic National Committee Deputy Chair, Keith Ellison, told Reuters his party will take the high road, and refrain from matching Trump's scorched earth shorthand.
>> So the real danger for democrats is they're just not that good it. They just haven't shown to be as adept at marketing and branding as someone who has spent, virtually his entire business career doing that very thing, and of course the other one is that it does trivialize all of these elections, and all of these races, and makes it about personality.
In the year where Democrats really wanna make it about policy.>> But even certain ex-politicians aren't immune with Trump this week claiming his approval rating is higher than Cheatin' Obamas.