FIRST AIRED: April 15, 2018

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>> Facebook has detailed profiles on people who have never signed up for Facebook, yes or no?>> Congressman, in general, we collect data of people who have not signed up for Facebook for security purposes.>> A shocking revelation from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's marathon testimony last week on Capitol Hill.
The world's largest social network is tracking people who don't even have a Facebook account. Reuters correspondent David Ingram.>> Members of the Congress seemed exasperated by the idea that there's really no way to escape Facebook, that they are collecting data on non-users, including some people who probably have affirmatively decided that they don't wanna be a part of Facebook.
The relevation that non-user information is so commonly collected by Facebook really ups the stakes for possible regulation, legislative crackdown on Facebook's collection techniques.>> But how does Facebook get data on non-users anyway? Through the contact list of Facebook users and by Internet cookies that track web traffic from website to website.
>> One of the big questions for privacy advocates is why you can't even find out just what Facebook knows about you. There's no mechanism currently for someone to write a letter to Facebook or do anything else to try to find out what Facebook knows.>> In a statement to Reuters, Facebook said quote, this kind of data collection is fundamental to how the Internet works.
But it declined to say if the data were being used to target ads. Starting next month, European regulators are forcing Facebook to inform the public of data collection and consent, so.>> Do you believe the European regulation should be applied here in the US?>> I think it's certainly worth discussing.
>> Privacy experts say that Zuckerberg's double talk for maybe but not totally.