FIRST AIRED: November 11, 2016

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>> Any sport that features a broom and sweeping for miles might not immediately grab you. But curling, often referred to as bowling's weird cousin, is getting an image makeover.>> We've got darts. We've got table tennis and we've got bowling clubs. But one thing I never thought I would see is a curling club.
I'm Reuters Emily Wither, at the opening of what the founders hope will be your next big night out. Sliders in London is the latest offering in the crowded world of competitive socializing. There's no ice and it's barely a quarter of the size of a real rink. But for these curling Olympic medal winners, they're just pleased that their sport is getting more attention.
>> When I first saw this on Facebook and Twitter and it said, London. I just assumed it was London, Ontario or Canada and then I kind of looked further into it. And when it was London and the UK, I thought, fantastic, our sport really is growing.>> This is a great idea.
I think these pops ups like this, if this, you know, its going to help raise the profile of the sport a little bit. People are going to be a maybe a wee bit more into the sport. Its a bit of fun and its good for this type of venue
>> With the younger generation drinking less than they used to. And the rise in social media, gone are the days when you just met your friend for a drink. Now, organizers say people are looking for something extra from their night out.>> I think people want more and I think that's where this whole experience of economy has come from.
When people are wanting to go out and socialize, but at the same time, have something that's fun. Something that's different. Something they can tell their friends about at work the next day. Something they can put on social media.>> So move over bowling alleys, your weird cousin just became a little more cool.