FIRST AIRED: July 5, 2017

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>> There's a man lurking in the background as Americans go to the polls, Putin. For some, the Russian president has his hands in the vote. The Kremlin protests that the allegations have extended to Russian based hackers leaking Hillary Clinton's emails.>> Guessing Putin's thoughts or his next move on the international stage has become a bit of an art form, and when it comes to his preferred US presidential candidate, there's a similar story.
I'm Reuters' reporter, Jacob Greed, at the Kremlin in Moscow where there will be no official endorsement. There is one candidate who could offer a new start.>> Russia is still uncovering the different layers to Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton is a known entity in these parts, and not always for the best reasons.
>> It is a problem for Clinton and it is a problem for Putin because definitely he got a full account of what she has said about him during the campaign. And I don't think that he's a person who easily forgets.>> The personal history dates back further. In 2011 as Secretary of State, Clinton angered Moscow by appearing to back anti-government protesters.
The Kremlin may be tight lipped on their oval office choice, but Russian state media has been seen to favor Trump and further afield, interest is piqued. Sitting down with pro-Putin youth group set, we ask why.>> Hillary talks so much about Putin. Putin is a bad leader. Putin is tyrant.
I think Putin's war against America, it's not true.>> Internationally, Putin might be depicted as a pariah, here they paint, pen and portray him as a savior.>> What would you say to people who say this is propaganda?>> Propaganda, it's not a bad thing.>> With 11 offices around the country, CET offers a window into Russia's world view.
>> Who want to be a friend of Russia? That person will be the best.>> With his policy on Syria and NATO that could be Donald Trump.