FIRST AIRED: November 4, 2016

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>> South Korea's president breaking down in tears on Friday over a political scandal that's rocked the government and crushed her approval rating to just 5%.>> I've been working hard not to hurt people's feelings, but I did the opposite, I feel like my heart is breaking. Park Geun-Hye faces claims that close friend, Choi Soon-Sil, used presidential ties to tamper with state affairs and funnel millions into organization she ran.
Park says, she's prepared to officially answer questions as Reuters Tony Munroe reports, that would be a milestone in the country's history.>> Plenty of South Korean presidents have been involved in various scandals over the years but none has actually ever had to sit and be grilled by prosecutors, and any of her political opponents calling for President Park to step down.
However, no South Korean president has ever resigned their post and it would be quite unusual if that were to happen.>> The most extraordinary remark on Friday, Park also denying local reports that she hosted shamanistic rituals as part of a cult while in office.>> These all stems to a friendship she had some 40 years ago with the father, Choi Soon-Sil who is the friend, who is currently at the center of the political scandal here.
Choi's father led a religious sect and he was believed to have exerted a lot of influence over the young Park Guen-Hye so much so that he was referred to in the country here as the Korean Rasputin. Now, his daughter is believed to have sort of inherited this sort of influence.
>> Choi herself has been in custody since Monday. On Friday, a former presidential aide was arrested on suspicion of leaking classified information, the second to Park's former inner circle to be taken in this week, likely to only fuel the near daily protest calling on her to resign.