FIRST AIRED: November 10, 2016

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>> America's strongest allies in NATO bracing for the uncertainty of a Trump presidency. Trump signalled he may radically change the role of the US in some multinational endeavors. That includes the Iran nuclear deal and the war in Syria. Even its commitment to NATO itself is on the table.
Trump believes his country commits an unfair share of resources to the alliance, and says American leadership should be conditional. NATO's chief insists NATO is unwavering.>> And I look forward to meeting Mr. Trump soon and welcoming him to Brussels for the NATO summit next year to discuss the way forward.
>> Some member states suggest they should pivot away from NATO and move towards a closer-knit European Union. Reuters EU Diplomatic Correspondent Robin Emmott is in Brussels.>> If you listen to France, the message that they take away from the Trump victory is this is the moment that Europe needs to pull together on defense and stop relying on the United States.
And then there's the other group, Britain and the border countries, who say we must not do anything that would undermine NATO.>> But Europe spends less on security and is a patchwork of bureaucracies compared to the more streamlined US, making responding to emergencies a difficulty.>> The EU is looking to be able to mobilize much more quickly in the event of an international emergency abroad and not have to rely on the United States.
So that a follow on force from the United Nations could come in later.>> The EUs defense chiefs are meeting Thursday, but it could be months before they decide how to move forward.