FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2016

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>> With just hours to go before the election, the DOW surging 371 points and Wall Street's biggest one day rally in eight months. Big money managers and investors returning to work with news the FBI is going back to its previous stance of not finding any reason to press criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.
After failing to find any red flags in a trove of emails discovered on Anthony Weiner's laptop. This latest twist could put Clinton in a more favorable light. And investors generally favor a Clinton win over Donald Trump, says Reuters mutual funds correspondent, Tim McLaughlin.>> I think one of the big things that people talk about that manage billions of dollars is that, they see a Trump White House as being very unsettling to global markets, emerging markets, things like that.
>> Mainly because Clinton is seen as a steady hand that won't make any major policy changes to rock investor confidence. With Trump investors are not so sure. That's why the recent nine day stock market fall was so gut wrenching, forcing many mutual fund managers to second guess not pulling money out of the market before the contentious vote.
>> I was a little bit surprised that big large cap mutual funds were heading into the election with just a thin layer of cash in their portfolios. So basically, they are mostly fully invested and looking like the bull run is gonna continue. I think the thin layer of cash is just one indication that they're not completely cautious about what's gonna happen in the aftermath.
>> But that's not to say there's no concern on Wall Street. With Britain's surprise decision to leave the European Union still fresh in their memory, investors will be keeping a close watch as the votes roll in on Tuesday.