FIRST AIRED: November 22, 2016

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>> President-elect Donald Trump prepping to sweep into Washington will need the thousands of federal workers in those iconic buildings to carry out his controversial agenda, from the wall to scrapping regulations. But many of those people, the bloodstream of the US government, now deeply worried they'll come out the losers when the Trump team takes the reins.
National politics correspondent, Andy Sullivan.>> They're pretty upset by the prospect of working for a President Trump. He's promised to freeze all hiring except right a few agencies and repeal two regulations for every one that his administration would write. This has freaked out a lot of people we've talked to.
>> And we're going to Washington DC to drain the swamp.>> Trump's few top picks so far reflect the hard right elements of his coalition. Not exactly staunch supporters of a robust federal workforce and they'll be working to reverse initiatives put in place by President Obama. Policies many federal workers, in fact, support.
>> So if you're a civil rights lawyer in the Justice Department, or if you're a climate change researcher at NOAA or the EPA, you're worried that all of a sudden your work is gonna get shunted aside or not promoted properly or you're gonna have a boss who's actively trying to discourage you from doing your work.
>> I alone can fix it.>> Then there's Trump himself.>> A number of federal workers I talked to said this is different than a normal change of administrations. They're worried about his character as president, potential conflicts of interest. Say you're working for the IRS and you've got to audit this guy's taxes.
Suddenly he's president. That gets pretty scary.>> Trump vowing to bring in the most capable people he can find. But if he drives out too may of the rank and file, he could find himself wishing he had not run so hard on shrinking the government.>>