FIRST AIRED: June 6, 2017

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>> Most Americans want the US to take a leadership role in handling climate change, but at the same time they don't see the issue as a priority. I'm Chris Kahn Reuter's polling editor, and we inserted a number of questions into our poll after Donald Trump made his decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Accords last week.
>> We're getting out.>> Some of the most interesting ones came when we found that a majority of Americans feel that the country should aggressively find ways of curbing global warming. They also feel that the decision would perhaps diminish the US internationally, and it also would speed up the rising global temperatures.
However, when we asked if they approve or disapprove of the decision, we found that it really kinda split right along party lines. Pretty much about 38% approved of Trump's decision, and the rest pretty much disapproved. And I should say, this really goes right along with Donald Trump's approval rating.
He's been sitting right below 40% for quite some time, it has been declining since he took office. And when we ask questions that are just about climate, when we asked about global warming we find large percentage of Americans feel that it exists. That they wanna do something about it, that they feel that the US should work with other countries in finding ways of handling climate change.
But then when you talk about what is the administration doing, you see a very different calculation. It's very much a political question, and you see people answering depending on whether they approve or disapprove of Donald Trump. Every single day, we ask Americans this very same question, what do you think is the most important issue in the United States?
And the environment is pretty much at the very bottom of the list of people's priorities. It's just not something that people see as as big of a deal as say the economy, or jobs, terrorism. Things that they can really see and feel, the environment is just something that's a little bit less tangible for them.
So while most American's want their country to take a leadership role in this, and while a majority feel that global warming is a real issue. They don't see it as important as many other issues that the country is facing.