FIRST AIRED: June 7, 2017

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>> Give it up for Jeremy Corbyn.>> A rockstar's welcome for a gray haired lefty. Jeremy Corbyn greeting one of his last rallies before Thursday's UK election. The Labour leader drawing inevitable comparisons with Bernie Sanders, the former US Democratic candidate.>> Hello London.
>> For all the youthful enthusiasm, Corbyn has a gray vote problem. Older voters turnout in higher numbers and choose the status quo. Turnout among the young could decide whether his other US inspired slogan comes true and he finds that, Jez we can, or no, he can't.
>> He seems to be like my grandad. A nice
rson who seems to be honest, who wants to do things that I'm passionate about.>> If polls are right, Corbyn's best hope is a hung parliament. Still, Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives called this snap election expecting a victory lap, only to face stiff competition.
>> I'm Macy Fielder, reporting for Reuters from Croydon, South London. Where people of all different ages and different communities have shown up in the hundreds to support Jeremy Corbyn. I've spoken to first time voters, I've spoken to people who've just converted in the last few weeks, to his manifesto and to his message.
All of them hoping that, come Friday morning, all those polls will have been proven wrong.>> Bernie Sanders said last week he was impressed by Corbyn's drive to reshape his own party and confront inequality. Jeremy Parkin is one of four Sanders campaign organizers who flew over to train Corbyn's grass root supporters.
>> Corbyn's main trouble is mostly due to attacks from the Tories, right. About who he is, he's a weak leader, he's not going to be able to go through with Brexit, those kinds of things. With Sanders, we dealt more so with a media blackout, right? He just wasn't really covered that much.
No one really knew sort of who he was. In both situations, the best way to fight it, really, is by having face to face conversations and by really engaging voters at the door, at rallies, on the street.>> Two rock magazines put him on the cover this week.
If that's an unlikely pairing, take a look at this Hip Hop for Corbyn club night. Once derided even within the Labour Party as bumbling and lacking drive, Corbyn has ditched his geography teacher look, taken to TV screens more, his manifesto too, pitched to young voters.>> The fact that he said he's gonna try and get rid of the uni fees caught me straight away.
Because I've never wanted to go to uni but now I'm considering it.>>