FIRST AIRED: June 15, 2017

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>> The United States, Mexico and three Central American countries teaming up with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim to tackle crime in Central America and slow migration to the US. A Miami summit meeting Thursday and Friday set to unveil ambitious plans to improve conditions in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, a cluster of poor violent countries known as the Northern Triangle, according to a draft agenda seen by Reuters' Mexico City correspondent Gabriel Stargarder.
>> This meeting marks the Trump administration's first attempt to have its own go at trying to rebuild Central America and leave its mark there. Central America is a region the sends a lot of migrants north to the United States. And Donal Trump had a lot of success with some of his anti-migrant rhetoric during the campaign.
And so it's gonna be interesting to see what the exactly the Trump Administration's tactics are for Central America, and how they can try and upgrade on what the Obama administration tried to do.>> This summit is the brainchild of US Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. Who helped president Obama design his alliance for prosperity, a multimillion dollar initiative with a similar aim.
Kelly plans to retool that alliance by pressing Mexico to take more responsibility for governance and security in Central America. The summit also forging a partnership of sorts between Carlos Slim's charitable foundation and American agency USAID to train crime prevention units and enhance economic opportunities for at risk kids.
>> Slim has become a sort of unofficial ambassador for Mexico during some of the toughest moments its hard in its negotiations with Donald Trump. And it's gonna be interesting to see what someone who has extensive business interest across Central America will really be able to bring to the table in terms of lowering violence and stemming migration.
>> One tactic the Trump team won't be bringing to the table, major US funding. Trump's 2018 budget proposal in fact slashes US aid to Guatemala by almost 40% from 2016 and cuts aid to Honduras and El Salvador by nearly a third.