FIRST AIRED: June 21, 2017

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ench President, Emmanuel Macron's balancing act just got a bit more challenging. Justice Minister Francois Bayrou resigning ahead of a Cabinet reshuffle, the Macron ally is the third politician from the center right party, MoDem, to step aside in recent days. Reuters' Richard Lough in Paris says it complicated matters for a president who bills himself as an independent centrist.
>> MoDem had swung behind his bid for the presidency, and was a part of his parliamentary majority. He now has to work out how to maintain this left-right balance that his Republic on the Move party embodies without MoDem inside the Cabinet. The risk for him is that will push him towards moderates within the conservative Republicans party.
>> Any move to choose a Republican likely to anger left wingers. Some already accused Macron of being a Conservative in Centrist clothing. Even so, Bayrou's exit may also be an opportunity for the new president. He campaigned on a pledge to clean up French politics. The MoDem parties caught in a judicial investigation over claims it misused EU parliamentary funds.
Now all three of its ministers are out of Macron's cabinet. For a President who is trying to clean up French politics, that was a thorny issue from him. That issue is now removed. And let's not forget that even without the MoDem party, Macron still has an absolute majority in Parliament.
>> Macron marched into the Elysees Palace planning to reshape French politics. He's crafted a government comprising ministers on the left, right, and center. A cabinet reshuffle was already planned for late Wednesday. That's now shaping up as the new president's first big test.