FIRST AIRED: May 31, 2017

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>> Reports that the US will exit the Paris deal on climate change could deepen a rift for some key allies. The news coming just days after G7 Summit when US President Donald Trump was pressed to stick with the global warming accord. New French President Emmanuel Macron saying then he was sure the US President would stay in.
None of the EU called the reports disappointing, that was trying to avoid confrontation. The European Commission is saying the US exit will not change the course of mankind. And that the EU is ready to take on global leadership in combating climate change. But Reuters environment correspondent Alister Doyle says that might be tricky.
The European Union has been a leader. The United States under Barack Obama kind of took over the leadership by designing the Paris Agreement. So now it'll be up to the European Union to step up again. But, of course, the European Union has it's own troubles. It's been struggling with debt crisis, it was struggling with the Greek, the Eurozone crisis.
It's now gotta contend with Brexit as well.>> Few can say they didn't see the decision coming. Trump is fulfilling a promise he made to US voters on the campaign trail. After leaders debated the subject at the G7, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the conversation difficult and dissatisfying.
Now, the exit of the world's biggest economy would certainly weaken the Paris Pact, though major nations in Europe and Asia remain committed.
>> Pretty much all of these countries are now gonna say, or are now reaffirming that they are going to take action. China has repeatedly said in recent weeks, India, the European Union, they've all said, since Trump started threatening to pull out in his campaign, they are committed to this agreement.
>> Even some oil giants like Shell and Exxonmobil have wanted the US to stay in the Paris accord.>> As did one other person with Trump's ear, his daughter Ivanka.