FIRST AIRED: July 7, 2017

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> Burning cars and barricades, smashed windows, slashed car tires.
rman police responding with tear gas and water cannons. 20,000 police were called up for the G20 summit, more than 100 of them heard on the streets of Hamburg in just the first 24 hours.
The vast majority of these protestors are totally peaceful. But about 1,000 of them are thought to be involved in these clashes that could go well into the weekend.>>
The message the hardcore have for US President Donald Trump and other world leaders here, it's clear, Welcome to Hell.
I'm Reuter's Matt Larotunda at this G20 Summit. That welcome sign I just showed you is from an old theater called the Road to Flora. It's now a commune for anti-capitalists here in this city. And the members are gonna be among 100,000 protestors beyond the layers of security at the conference hall behind me.
The violence means a loss of face for Chancellor Angela Merkel. That's because she could've chosen to hold this summit anywhere, a secluded resort, for example, where many similar events have taken place. But instead, she chose here, the city of her birth, to send her own message to leaders like Trump, like Turkey's president, Erdogan, like Vladimir Putin and others she's butted heads with.
Freedom of speech and the right to protest is just fine in a confident democracy. A message that could get lost if the demonstrations see real violence.