FIRST AIRED: June 27, 2017

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>> The Supreme Court on Monday handing President Donald Trump a victory. The High Court ruling his administration can implement major parts of his travel ban, while they consider later this year whether they violates the constitution. The nation's highest court giving Trump the green light to temporarily block many travelers from six Muslim majority countries.
And to also bar all refugees after lower court's put his travel ban on hold. Trump calling the decision a clear victory for national security, adding quote, as President, I cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm. Reporter Lawrence Hurley is at the Supreme Court.
>> This decision today by the Supreme Court was not a ruling on the merit The court decided to hear the case in the Fall. This was just a decision on the emergency application that the Trump administration had filed seeking to enforce the ban, in the meantime while the court decides whether it's legal or not.
It wasn't a 100% win for Trump, but it definitely helped him in the short term. And even then the court was careful not to Issue a broad decision.>> The court saying travelers from Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan, who have a quote bonafide relationship in the US, will be able to enter.
Such as those who have relatives or business associates in the country, with others seeking entry blocked for 90 days. The ruling is a clear setback for civil liberties groups, and some states that argued that the ban amounted to religious discrimination, pointing to Trump's campaign promise to ban all Muslims from entering the country.
>> A total and complete shutdown. Of muslims, entering the United States.>> This case is the first test of President Donald Trump's presidential powers in the legal context, and it's huge ramifications with the court actually saying, that when it comes to national security, the court has to be very careful not to second-guess the President, and not make these kind of broad rulings against presidential power without having good reason to.
The decision today also showed that President Donald Trump's nominee to the court, Neil Gorsuch, a strong conservative judge, is not afraid to show his colors. Because he, along with two of the other conservatives, actually voted to go even further, and they would have granted Trump's request in full, to allow the ban to go into effect.
>> The Travel ban, one of Trump's signature policies, triggered chaos and protest at airports, and sparked a slew of lawsuits, after it was first announced shortly after he took office.