FIRST AIRED: June 29, 2017

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>> A new design for a building that dates back to the 1800s. It's now one of the largest exhibition spaces in London. The Victoria and Albert Museum or the V&A, as it's also known, has undergone $70 million upgrade.>> Where we are standing was almost an old junk yard full of technical services and boiler rooms and what we've done then is create this living room for London which blends the street and the museum, provides a new way into the museum.
>> Called The Exhibition Road Quarter, it includes the Sackler Courtyard, Blavatnik Hall and the 1,100 square meter Sainsbury Gallery.>> The big event of this project is the vast gallery space which is 18 meters below ground. And therefore we have to send far deep underground to get to that space and we wanted to make sure that that was a dramatic experience but it also felt very comfortable
>> Architect Amanda Levete said there was pressure to preserve the V&A and still create something new.>> While I felt the responsibility of history, I also felt it was our responsibility to do something that was radical and contemporary and find a way of being both sensitive to history but very clear about the power of modernity.
>> To celebrate the opening, the V&A museum is putting on a free festival called Reveal from Friday, 30th of June to 7th of July.