FIRST AIRED: November 6, 2017

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>> The FBI released files containing allegations about the late Martin Luther King's political and personal life. Documents collected during a time when the FBI surveilled and tried to discredit the civil rights leader. The 48 page document claims King had a string of extramarital affairs. Indulged in sex orgies, and was suspected of fathering a daughter out of wedlock.
On the political front, the report alleges that King was surrounded by advisors belonging to the Communist Party and was quote a whole-hearted Marxist. There is no evidence that any of the claims in the report were verified. And the Bureau's then chief, J Edgar Hoover, was known to keep tabs on many Civil Rights leaders including Muhammad Ali And John Lennon.
The document part of the latest batch of over 600 never before seen files made public by the national archives Friday. With the approval of President Donald Trump. That are related to the assassination of President John F Kennedy, one of the CIA files likely to fuel conspiracy theories. Details shooter Lee Harvey Oswald's visit to the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City just weeks before he fatally shot Kennedy on November 22, 1963, in Dallas.
Another document sparking interest, a cable sent just two months before the assassination by Oswald to a Soviet consular official. Who was supposedly an undercover KGB agent working on assassinations operations. Tens of thousands of documents are still being withheld til April 2018 to give intelligence agencies more time to review them.