FIRST AIRED: August 15, 2017

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>> When Americans look skyward for the first coast to coast solar eclipse in 100 years, many will do so wearing funny little glasses to protect their eyes or at least ones that should protect their eyes. For it turns out that the shadiest part of the eclipse, which takes place August 21st, is the abundance of counterfeit glasses that have flooded the market, thanks to hucksters looking to profit off the historic moment.
So how do you tell the legit lenses from the fakes? Reuters Steve Gorman.>> Well, the best way is to hold them up to a light source,>> And if you can see light shining through the dark glasses through common household lamp or through a fluorescent lamp or something like that, then you know that's a problem.
You shouldn't really see anything through these dark glasses, which are made of really thick, opaque dark polymer, except the sun.>> Now let's really geek out.>> So another important indicator of whether you have authentic or bogus solar eclipse sunglasses is to look at the inside of the temple of the sunglasses.
And it should be stamped with nomenclature ISO 12312-2. And that is the International Organization for Standardization's symbol or logo stamped on there that shows that these eyeglasses have been safety tested.>> Or you can also look for a list of reputable brands on the website of the American Astronomical Society.
Prices typically range from $0.99 to $30 a pair. Although the eclipse will only last a matter of minutes, wearing fake glasses, which could come from usual suspect, China, or, even unsuspecting neighbor, Canada, can damage or destroy photoreceptor cells of the eye's retina, leaving permanent blind spots in a person's field of vision.
Conversely, there's only one real danger to sporting verified lenses. They're so dark, wearing them after the eclipse could cause you to walk into walls.