FIRST AIRED: September 4, 2017

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>> They didn't want to hear us before, so now we're gonna be as loud as we can to make sure they can hear us this time.>> Taking a bite out of McDonald's public image, this is one of two UK restaurants where workers have gone on strike for the first time ever.
>> Yeah absolutely proud, absolutely fantastic turnout. History in the making, mate.>> Around 40 staff are protesting over pay and work conditions. They're demanding an end to zero-hours contracts, and a minimum wage of 10 Pounds per hour.>>
>> McDonald's argues the dispute is over internal grievance, not pay or contracts.
>> Absolutely proud of the people I work with, and the people who have come out today.>> But Tom Holliday, who gets 7.55 Pound an hour, the minimum wage for a worker over 25 in Britain, says that's not the case.>> And every single one deserves more, okay?
>> McDonald's reported revenues of $24.6 billion in 2016, while Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook earned $15.4 million. Although not unionized, the workers are being backed by the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers' Union. It's long highlighted what it calls exploitative zero-hours contracts, which don't provide set hours, annual leave, sick pay, or pension.
>> And we will win!>> And if we don't get it?>> Shut it down!>> McDonald's employs around 85,000 people in the UK. It's currently in the process of offering all staff the chance to switch from a zero-hours contract, to one with guaranteed hours. So far, it says 86% have chosen to remain on a flexible contract.
>> The workers, united, will never defeated!