FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the sting taken out of today's eurozone finance minister talks in brussels after athens paid seven hundred and fifty million euros to the i. m. f. , buses reuters european affairs editor in brussels pro taylor explains no one knows how much longer grease can keep going the government said this morning that it had six hundred million euros which i did manage to rake together from local authorities from other government entities that's not as much as it was seeking but %HESITATION it's able to keep going for awhile anyway there were no major breakthroughs on monday afterwards greece's finance minister said a cash for reform agreement was desperately needed in the next couple of weeks , i'll be frank with you , the liquidity issue is a terribly urgent issue , this is common knowledge let's not beat about the bush and pretend otherwise , so what happens next , on tuesday another cabinet meeting in athens with a workout what concessions they can make , meanwhile on wednesday the european central bank will review its emergency landing for greek banks , we're told it's unlikely that the e. c. b. will allow the greek government to sell more short term treasury bills to the banks , which would ease its cash crunch so the government's going to come to you to be under the cost until it reaches an agreement and that's the way the eurozone wants it , with the real deadline for an agreement to the end of may