FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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u. s. secretary of state john kerry meeting russian president vladimir putin on tuesday in a bid to begin repairing a relationship in tatters over ukraine , relations between washington and moscow are at their lowest point since the end of the cold war the two driven apart by russia's annexation of crimea twenty fourteen and its backing for pro russian rebels in eastern ukraine they'll meet in sochi side of the twenty fourteen olympics matt's botanic is following this story for reuters there's no sign at this point that that this meeting is meant , to launch some new initiative , uh the seas are in , crane is tenuous but somewhat holding are and how they would like to keep it that way obviously and try to move that forward united states supports , the pro western ukrainian government russia denies its arming the separatists in ukraine were fighting has left more than six thousand dead putin deeply resents a raft of economic sanctions imposed by the u. s. in europe that have cut into the russian economy , u. s. and russia also sharply at odds over syria serious of a war going on , offer over for three years are and the guy russian federation continues to support president bashar al assad , are the united states supports moderate rebels who are seeking to overthrow him its metallic says there are compelling reasons for both sides to want to pick up the pieces , the idea is just to find a way that you can , agree to disagree on a lot of major issues and yet still collaborate on some global geo political matters matters such as iran , before meeting putin carry will see his russian counterpart sergei lavrov who has been a key partner in talks on rolling back in ron's nuclear program