FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the white house scrambling for a plan b. after the king of saudi arabia pulled out of a major camp david summit at the last minute saudi's king solomon backing out along with the leaders of bahrain and the united arab emirates move being widely interpreted as a sign of impatience with the president's policies on syria yemen and especially his efforts to clinch a deal with iran on its nuclear program diplomatic correspondent warren strobel is following the story in washington i think off leaders have been very discontent with president obama's agenda they're unhappy about the iran nuclear deal and they are happy with what they see as a certain lack of leadership , by president obama united states in the middle east biggest concern for obama maybe how the snob reflects on his standing in the region could just kind of shows the limit of his %HESITATION , cloud in the middle east , if you were a leader with more clout more feared %HESITATION , perhaps even more trusted by these leaders they would be sending their , top guys and they're not but strobel says that does not mean thursday summit will be an automatic wash out part of this can be interpreted as a snob factor king solomon saudi arabia's not coming but you do have mohammed bin nayef the crown prince , and his deputy the deputy crown prince coming there are younger generation %HESITATION reuters is reporting that increasingly they are the ones calling the shots , in saudi arabia so what you might be saying here is is an aging , elderly king sort of handing off are some of the daily responsibilities and this important summit to %HESITATION tuesday athletes who are in somalia if something should happen to king solomon mohammed bin bin nayef will be the next king here's white house spokesman josh earnest i know there have been some speculation , that this , changing travel plans as an attempt to send a message to the united states , %HESITATION it so that message was not received , i because all the feedback that we've received %HESITATION from the saudis has been positive one of the primary goals of the summit is to work on a missile defense shield for the gulf allies who fear iran developing missiles in tandem with its nuclear program if they emerge with a deal obama may be able to claim victory after an embarrassing start to a high stakes week